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Well hey, looks like it’s all coming together for me!

So I THINK I’ve figured out how to use ComicPress’ basic functions… HOPEFULLY this site looks alright to you! I know, the text in my comics is a bit small, but I drew these BEFORE I had started up a WordPress/ComicPress site…



Comics go up. Too small. Comics come down. Comics go up. Too big. Comics come down…

I hope I’ve done enough tweaking.


Someday I’ll learn…

Okedoke… I keep uploading comics, only to realize ONCE THEY’RE UP that there’s something terribly wrong with them. Maybe one day I’ll actually CHECK them BEFORE I post them. That be all.


Arrgh… Timezones.

So there’s a nice new comic waiting for you… I just have NO idea when you’re going to see it.  It could be in 45 minutes… it could be next Monday.  Well, I switched my settings to the appropriate time zone… but I think that might have messed with ComicPress’ auto-update feature.


About this comic…

Before I begin, there’s something you should probably know: I have the first 30 pages of Spartachick scripted and storyboarded already.

Now.. August 20th’s comic was one that I was dreading for a very, verrrry, verrrrrrrry long time. It was long, intricate, and, well, kind of scary. It took me FAR too long to do, and now I have a bit of a headache. No matter. Comic’s up. Enjoy.


So, 14 done…

So far so good… This is number 14.  A silent number 14.  It’s a bit boring, but it needed to be done. Gots ta move stories ’round somehow!

Not burnt out yet…

WOO! CHUCK NORRIS REFERENCE! Been a while since the last one.  The two Bonds in #15 were originally intended to be Brosnan and Connery, and hopefully they still bear *some* resemblance.  I’m going to be heading back to school soon, so I might miss a few updates, though considering my lack of schedule, this shouldn’t seem irregular.  S’all for now!


Eep! A world without shadows..

So I uploaded #16, and felt quite pleased with myself for doing so.  I checked my site, and after a few minutes realized that there was something very wrong with my comic.  Took me a while, but eventually I figured out that my “Shades” layer was hidden. Not good. So, I re-uploaded the image, and now (hopefully) you can see the work in fantastic, technicolour, shadow-vision!


But… where are their faces?


Right, now that that’s over with, the faces thing. There are actually several reasons why the rabbits in #17 don’t have faces, but the primary one qualifies as a SPOILER! So, if you reeeeeeally want to know, like, so bad you can’t sleep at night, drop me a line at:


Cages suck.

Not much to say here… number 18’s up, and good to go.  The cages were real jerks to draw.  Normally I try to stay away from the straight line tool.  Obviously there are exceptions, and you better believe that the cage-bars in this page made the cut!


(edit: I’m back at school now, which means I’m in a different time zone. I don’t know when you’re going to see the comic! Sorry.)