Page #73 – The Beginning of Part II

Page #73 – The Beginning of Part II

This is page #73… or the first page of part two.  I was going to try out ComicPress’ storyline support feature, and actually break things up into different categories… but I figured I’d just leave well enough alone.  What with all my computer issues, my patience for screw-ups is wearing perilously thin.  I almost took this week off completely.

Anyway, as far as style is concerned.. I’m trying to amalgamate the “painted” background (from the pages in the 60s) with the “painted” objects (from the most recent pages.. in the 70s).  I don’t think the two are going to go together as nicely as I want them to, which may result in some compromises in both styles.  Whatever.  It’s evolving, and – most importantly – fun.



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