Euh… Hi!

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I’m sorry for the radio silence.

There’s an ugly, ugly word that sometimes gets thrown around which begins with an “h” and ends in “-iatus.”

So… is Spartachick on hiatus? NO! GOD NO! No, no, no! Nope. Okay… maybe…

…just a little bit…

If it is, it’s unofficial, mostly because I know that the second I actually put in writing “sorry fans, Spartachick is on hiatus,” I’ll be struck by the muse and pump out 4-5 acceptable pages.  It’d be cheap deception.

No, what’s really going on here — BAHAHAHAHAAAaaa… sorry, my neighbour’s dog is twice the size of said individual, and just decided to chase after a squirrel — is an unparalleled attack of ADD. What this means? Well, instead of drawing, I’m out and about, taking pictures of this beautiful little city!

Basically, I’m distracted by my other interests at the moment. This sort of thing normally fizzles out after a few weeks (note: it has been a few weeks), and then I return to my tablet with fresh views and ideas!

Now, now… I know we’ve seen comics go down this road before. I’ve watched as great writers and artists burn themselves out with monotony, necessary for proper dramatic pacing. Either that, or they just get tired.

Push that aside: I like drawing. I like writing. I like my story, and get excited when I think of where it’s going to go. For the time being, however, I need to not force an unsatisfactory product. Eventually – if aforementioned muse fails to strike in a timely manner – I’ll get frustrated and just GET THINGS DONE. The pages will be sub-par, and I’ll look back in disgust (the upside is that I won’t have to worry about them anymore).

I could babble on for pages about this, but that’s mostly because I haven’t slept in many-an-hour, and spent the majority of the morning walking in uncomfortable shoes.

What to take away from this blog post:

– Spartachick is NOT on hiatus (not officially, anyway).

– The author/artist is distracted by his other creative activities.

– The author/artist’s enthusiasm in the story-line has NOT waned.

– It is in the comic’s best interest that the author/artist takes his time.

– Any semblance of an update schedule is now kaput (sorry Webcomic List (oh… my rating shall plummet)).

That’s about it… hopefully sooner than later, eh? Bye for now!


Discussion (5)¬

  1. Tertius says:

    Sounds like Marcus has found himself a woman.

  2. felixmarcus says:

    No… sadly, that is not the case.

    (I thought I had a wittier reply than ^, but it’s just not happening right now. Check back tomorrow, maybe?)

  3. felixmarcus says:

    Okay, I’ve got nothing. However, I *did* try drawing again tonight. I don’t have anything to show for it, but the process has begun.

  4. Tertius says:

    Bevanman goddamnit!

  5. felixmarcus says:

    Yeah, I suppose any comic is better than no comic. Maybe I’ll post a “change of priorities” message and devote time to Felix Marcus for a bit…


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