I’ve worked up a plan!

Rather than going in to each update with the “I’ve gotta get this done, preferably in one shot!”  feeling, I’m going to start intentionally breaking up the workflow. So, for example, script and storyboard on one day, planning and sketches the next, colours and inks the third, and shades and text on the last!

Today’s goal? Script and storyboard (I thought I had this done already, but then discovered that had I lost my notebook).

We’ll see how this goes. I’m already worried that it’ll just deteriorate into me spending an entire day on my tablet… sigh.


UPDATE #1: It is oppressively hot, here in Kingston, and my patience for my computer’s ineptitude  is at an all time low. Wouldn’t you know it, said computer is giving me new kinds of grief! Yesterday, during sketching, Painter crashed three times! THREE! This is turning into a battle. If I get many problems today, I might just abandon this week’s update and work on other art instead.

UPDATE #2: Okay, so my tablet and Painter decided to play nicely today, so I managed to get the planning/sketching stage completed. I’m currently debating a revert to my line-defined style (for the sake of getting an update done in a timely manner).. we’ll see!

UPDATE #3: I think I may have been a bit overambitious with this page. I *should* have the art done by this afternoon, but oy, it’s a bit of a task.

UPDATE #4: Well, I’ve been taking many little newsbreaks throughout the day (what with Obama’s press conference on the oil disaster, and Calderon’s address to parliament), but the art is *mostly* done. I’m on to the characters now. This points towards either a late-night, or perhaps early morning update. The funny thing is, my sleep schedule is the exact opposite of last year’s problem. Instead of going to bed later and later (resulting in later and later wake-ups), I’m going to bed earlier and earlier (resulting in, you guessed it, earlier and earlier wake-ups). This, of course, I blame on my photography. I’m sure the situation will be rectified shortly.


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