I’ll try to get an update done by the weekend… but if it’s not going well come Friday night, it may well be the last update until I can find myself a new computer. This one has become unusable.



UPDATE: I’m not enjoying this. Not one bit. Not one tiny, minuscule, negligible, little bit. This is, so far, the worst comic-drawing experience of my short career. There are soooooooo many things I could bitch complain about right now, it’s not even funny.  Honestly, I ditched OS X for a performance boost, and ALMOST got it. I’ve disabled abso-bloody-lutely EVERY eye-candy feature Ubuntu had to offer and the Mini’s STILL giving me grief. Not to mention the total lack of accessible configuration options for my not-quite-supported tablet. I’d go back to OS X and Painter, but – in reality – I’d be no better off.  The last system update resulted in many a Painter freeze-up, which ties the frustration level reached by laggy brushstrokes and misalignment of pen-tip (by, I kid you not, a centimetre in places… the variation almost makes it worse… as if it’s teasing me: “Oh, you want an exact alignment?  Well, just let us adjust for parallax, and calculate the tilt-effect… factor in the gravitational pull of the moon, annnnnnd…. THERE YOU GO! ALIGNED! (Just don’t go anywhere away from the centre, or the lower right side of the, screen. KTHXBAI!)). I know. I KNOW! I shouldn’t be complaining. I’ve got a beautiful tablet, award-winning software, and a computer that I’m sure many people enduring tough times would be overjoyed to have! THAT DOESN’T MATTER, THOUGH! I CAN’T DO MY WORK! Not at the level I want to, at least.  I mean, if you (or I) were happy with stick figures lacking colours or shades, then FINE! I could do that.  Y’know what? I think I will. The next Felix Marcus strip will be stick-figures. It will be glorious…ly bad. GAAAAAH!!! It’s my own damned fault, though, isn’t it?! I mean, I had a perfectly… well, maybe not perfectly functional laptop, not even a year ago… what’d I do? I screwed it up. It fell, it broke, it became a waste of money. Repair it? Yeah, for about the price of a new (fully functioning) desktop, sure… and even that was by last year’s standards. Of course this would all be nothing if I’d actually WORKED this summer (last summer probably would’ve been nice, too). Moral of the story? Don’t get a laptop if you’re a klutz (alternate moral: get a summer job, ya dope!).

Breathe…. okay. I’m going to get back to drawing. Ignore any yelling you might hear.

UPDATED UPDATE: I gave up on Linux. Some other time, perhaps, but for now I’m going back to the combination that at least yielded results. I re-installed OS X Tiger, much to my chagrin. There are many caveats to this return, which can mostly be summed up as: This computer is for work, and work alone! No iTunes, no games, nothing but the comic! I’ve also – once again – reduced the size of the pre-formatted work-page, bringing it ever closer to the unholy 800px (width) mark. Thanks for your continued support and patience! Also, just so you know, the current page has been written, planned, laid-out, and sketched… on to the colouring!

Discussion (2)¬

  1. Tertius says:

    Well you shouldnt blame yourself for not having a job. I think you’ve heard all of my excuses and they’re universal.

    I dont think that screwing around with the craptop anymore is going to do anything but piss you off. Get rid of it, and start researching a viable replacement. When it looks like you’ve researched it then the philanthropists begin to consider funding!

  2. Crusader says:

    Everyone fights with their technology from time to time. I have been known to scream and beg at my laptop to work while banging my head against the table causing my flatmates to think I was a druid sacrificing stuff to an eldar god.

    Though I have never described my experience in such wonderful graphic detail.

    Hope it gets better in the future 🙁


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