Page #110

Page #110

Well, that about wraps up part two! I’ll be starting part three immediately, and hope to have the first page up by Friday.

To recap:

While en route to the Rabbit capital, the cargo ship bearing Tarquinius encounters violent weather. The ship sinks, and Tarquinius is its lone survivor.

Shortly thereafter, a band of pirates comes by to scavenge the remains of aforementioned vessel, and discovers a very soggy, amnesiac chicken. Before the crew can decide the fate of this bird, a Rabbit patrol ship spots the pirates, and begins to pursue. The mysterious chicken begins to bark out orders which – while reluctantly followed – result in a victory, and allow for the pirates’ escape.

Upon reaching the pirate island, the crew seek the comforts of the local tavern. There, the pirate leader discusses the newcomer with a colleague. Before long, the Coop Islander finds himself being aggressively questioned.

Before the situation escalates to violence, a Rabbit beggar is brought in off the street, under suspicion of espionage.

This rabbit claims to be the true heir to the Rabbit Empire, and begins to tell his tale of deceit, treachery, tyranny, rebellion, tragic love, bloody vengeance, and desperate survival.

The timeline may seem a bit convoluted, but it can be simplified like so:

Tarquinius was born shortly after the sack of the Rabbit Capital, around the time of the first exploitative Rabbit colonies. I have not yet figured out how aging works in this strange world, but have concluded that the rightful heir looks much younger than he actually is. I will have to remedy that in the future. By human standards, he should be around forty; and Tarquinius, eighteen or nineteen.

At any rate, the Rabbit Empire is surviving by paying ransom to ruthless hordes of barbarians, and Coop Island has become a colony from which resources are gathered to make said payments. In the last page, it is inferred that the heir wishes to topple the Emperor by provoking another barbarian invasion. Perhaps not the best thought out plan?

Where will this story go next? Stick around for part three, and find out!



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