Exciting News! (Copied from felixmarcus)

So, hey.  Long time, no see.  How are things?

Enough small-talk! I’ve got something to announce:

As part of my upper-year course on Greek and Roman Epic, I get to create a graphic novel based on the Aeneid.  Well, part of the Aeneid.  Actually, just two pages of the Aeneid.  The thing is, I like drawing, and I like adapting epic literature for use in my comics, so I’m preparing to go a little crazy with this project.  My plan is simple: I’ve got twelve weeks of class, and there are twelve books in the Aeneid.  I hope to boil each book down to about three comic pages, making this more-or-less a thirty-six-pager.  A few books might be longer, a few will be shorter.

Needless to say, this is a huge task for me.  The last time I produced 36 pages in a year was back when I first launched Spartachick, and even that was a bit iffy at times.  The goal here is to develop a simple style that can be sketched, inked, and coloured with little aggravation on my part.  There will not be a lot of depth, shading will be minimal, and the laws of perspective will, no doubt, be shattered.

What do I hope to achieve?  The project is worth 50% of my final grade, which provides some impetus.  Honestly, though, I see this as my last real chance to get back into the game. I miss drawing, and let myself down when I gave up.  I need this. I need to feel that my work matters in some way (even if it’s just for some class project). My hope is that this project will force me to streamline and solidify my workflow. Drawing used to be natural for me; setting aside time, sketching ON PAPER, writing, planning, imagining.

Anyway, I’m barely making sense to myself right now, so I’ll just end it here.

Bye for now,



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